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Hello my name is Joseph aka Ked and i'm a Radiant player currently playing for a tier 2 Team as ingame leader.

Have over 1000 hours worth of coaching experience from different games (CS:GO, Valorant, League)

My role is IGL (ingame leader) which makes me have a deeper understanding of the game rather than just pure mechanics and skill, and that will play a big role in the coaching and will give you a much deeper understanding of the game rather than just fixing small mistakes


  • Radiant on multiple accounts
  • Top 10 faceit EU
  • High tier scrim and tournaments experience
  • ex CS:GO semi pro
  • Top 100 in official Valorant eu leaderboard (posted on official valorant twitter)

What will you learn from picking me as a coach:

  • Aiming and how to improve it (with kovaak/aimlab routines)
  • Crosshair placement and overall game mechanics
  • Positioning and how to use enviroment in your favor
  • Awareness (knowing whats happening on the map at all times)
  • Communication flow (ability to be able to process and give out information quickly and efficiently)
  • Finding the role and agent that fits you the most (help you discover it)
  • How to use your Agent to the maximum efficieny
  • When and how to use ability
  • Peaking when and when not to take duels and choosing your duels
  • How to play eco and anti-eco rounds
  • When and how to Lurk or entry frag
  • When and how to Rotate
  • Working on being tilt-proof
  • And finally the best mentality to have in order to achieve a high rank

During the coaching session:

-We will talk about optimisation (optimise your equipement and settings to get the most advantage you can get out of your gear and setup) (OPTIONAL)

-Talk about how you feel about the game what you think are your mistakes, your weaknesses and strengths

-If you are new to the game i can explain the mechanics of the game and how you can quickly improve and practice them

-Teach you how to master the agent of your choosing and how to get the most out of them

-During the session we can either go over a replay of a specefic game where i can show you all your mistakes and how to improve them

or i could watch you play a game live and i could give you tips and correct you on the spot

Near the end of our coaching session i will give you training routines you can use to improve and simple tasks to do that will actively help you improve

And a recap of all the bulletpoints from our session.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to being your coach!