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About me:

Hey everyone, my name's Jacob. I have been playing Hearthstone since the release of the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion in 2016. Prior to starting Hearthstone, I played Yu-Gi-Oh! for four years, qualifying for the North American national championship tournament during the latter two years.

I live in North America, but I can coach on the EU and Asia servers as well. I have been doing in-person coaching in card games for almost 5 years now, helping many of my friends reach at least rank five (would be Diamond in the new ranked system) within two weeks of starting the game.

Coaching structure:

During coaching sessions, I will coach any deck with the intention of improving your game play. If your main goal is to climb quickly, not to necessarily improve, then I will recommend a specific deck based on how quickly games tend to be decided when using that deck. During coaching sessions, major themes will be:

  • When to trade and when to go face
  • How to gain board control and keep it
  • How to grow small leads into huge advantages
  • How to play optimally against many different styles of decks
  • Which card to play when there are multiple options, and why that card is optimal
  • How to think critically during Arena vs thinking critically during constructed
  • How to increase your win rate in Hearthstone

What will sessions look like?

Coaching sessions will be conducted using Discord screen-share, or just Discord voice chat and the in-game "spectate" function, depending on your preference.

Typical one-hour sessions:

During a one-hour session, we'll start by chatting and getting to know each other a bit. Then, I will take a look at your deck so that I can screenshot your deck list. This is so that I know what I will be working with. I am willing to critique deck lists during this time, but I will not make you change any cards. After that, I'll coach you in real time in ranked matches. Typical one-hour sessions will allow for multiple games in the same session, with the option to review replays of those games if it fits within the time. I will also give you a list of the biggest things you can improve upon after the coaching session so that you can continue getting better at the game after the session is over.

Typical two-hour sessions (recommended):

The first hour of a two-hour session will be the same as a one-hour session. During the second hour, we can either go over more replays together, or you can queue for more games and I will coach you through them as they happen. During the second hour, I will have been able to observe the strengths and weaknesses of you as a player, and will be able to dive more in-depth during the second hour of coaching. Scheduling a session for at least two hours is recommend if you intend to play a control deck during the session, as games will take much longer and there will be more plays to assess during the coaching session. I recommend two-hour long coaching sessions as they provide a sizable amount of insight into the game and allows time to really analyze what's going on.

Typical three-hour (or longer) sessions:

Sessions longer than two hours will dive extremely in-depth into game theory and the specific reasons behind each and every play. The first hour will be spent coaching live games, and any scheduled hours after that will be spent analyzing every turn from the games played during the first hour using recordings of those games. If we are able to get through all of the recorded games and still have more time scheduled for the session, we will play another couple of live games and apply the knowledge gained from reviewing the games earlier in the session. Sessions longer than two hours are recommended if you are serious about understanding the game past the surface-level and getting out of bad game play habits that you may or may not have known you had. I will end these sessions by giving you a very specific set of things that are holding you back from climbing, as well as tell you exactly how to fix them and apply those fixes to your games after the coaching session is over.

I look forward to working with you! I can vary the above coaching structures on a case-by-case basis to create consistent results based on the client.