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Hi, my name is Marko and I have been playing Hearthstone since Curse of Naxxramas with almost regular monthly legendary endings. I enjoy playing most of the decks in the meta, and always tend to play the best decks rated by tiers. It's better to learn the most broken decks than to try making a, worse one, work. Along many top 200 legend endings, my personal best was rank 4 on EU server. My current Battlegrounds rank is 12.000. I also like Arena, Wild and sometimes other modes as well. We can make magic happen, at least in game.

How does it work ? 

Coaching sessions will be done via Discord screen-share, voice chat, or in game "spectate" function, depending on your preference.

Typical one-hour sessions:

During a one-hour session, we'll start by chatting and getting to know each other a bit. Then, we will discuss on what deck we want to play, or what class we want in Arena, or discuss the hero tier list in Battlegrounds. After that, we proceed with the game and our previously stated desires. I will tell you exactly what needs to be done on each turn, in order to achieve optimal plays and not to depend on RNG as much. Usually there are no right or wrong plays, but each play done optimaly can shift the game in such ways that can increase your chances of winning. Typical one-hour sessions can let you have a better insight and perspective on how the certain plays can improve your gameplay, along with a better perspective into the future, and seeing couple of turns ahead instead of just next turn. I will also tell you what aspects of the game you can improve upon after the coaching session so that you can continue getting better at the game after the session is over.

Typical two-hour sessions :

With more time on our hands, we can certainly improve much more, and get to know each other better, as it's very important to get into the minds of ourselves and get synced, as it's important to know your opponent and what he might play on certain turns. During this time we will try to improve on the most imporant parts of the game that need help improving. We can certainly go through the roughest match-ups that can counter your hero, and see what to do in order to avoid fail, or rather making the best plays that would keep us in the game and eventually winning it. Scheduling a session for at least two hours is recommend if you want to know more about the game in general and if you want to get slightly better, but it would require much more time and thoughts invested in game if you really want to master it.

Typical three-hour (or longer) sessions:

Sessions longer than two hours will dive extremely in-depth into game theory and the specific reasons behind each and every play. The first hour can be spent coaching live games, and guiding through them, and any scheduled hours after that can be spent analyzing every turn from the games played during the first hour. We can really dig in and get to know what is the issue that is holding you back from improving, whether it's early game, lack of trades, or generally bad decks. Sessions longer than two hours are recommended if you are serious about understanding the game past the surface-level and getting out of bad game play habits that you may or may not have known you had. I will end these sessions by giving you a very specific set of things that are holding you back from climbing, as well as tell you exactly how to fix them and apply those fixes to your games after the coaching session is over.

I am looking forward to talking with you and making this adventure legendary.